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"Call-Up The Reserves" 


As Publisher of CombatVets Network domains, and Historian of the Vietnam Army 231ST Transportation Boat Unit, I am authoring this book titled "Call-Up the Reserves". It is written from my personal perspective, and stories from other 231st Vets and it chronicles the details of this Unit's activation from pre-call-up 1964 to Discharge in January 1970.  My MOS at the time of call-up was Salvage Diver trained in Ft. Eustis VA in Hard Hat diving and suddenly crossed traned at a Marine Oiler (engeneer) totally unexpected. The change was so secrete I did not know about it until I arrived on the docks in Vung Tau Vietnam.  The book is long overdue, and the stories are rapidly being lost as the survivors approach 80 years old.  It is a unique story with very little blood and guts but incredible stories of men and families trying to deal with a screwed-up War. These reservists wanted no part of this undeclared War but were obligated to serve or flee to Canada as a deserter. They improvised their way through 12 months in the Delta rather than being stoned at Woodstock protesting.  
  The story will explain many missions of the Ninteen LCM's Landing Craft. First thing was to build from scratch a hooch to accommodate the six-man crews.  Then the bare hulls were fitted with armor plate protective shields surrounding two heavy 50 Cal Browning Machine Guns and more.  Missions scheduled into Vietnam's vast 3500 miles of Enemy Infested Mekong Delta transporting logistics material to scores of outposts and bases in support of the 9th infantry and Navy and Army Riverine forces. The story details how the 190 men from the same hometowns of Tampa Bay handled this unexpected call-up and surprisingly brought everybody back alive.  Yes, this was considered a “God Willing Miracle” by Army Brass and Historians. How did six NCOs live and operate these 74’ floating semi-trucks through tricky South China Sea Crossings into enemy-controlled Mekong Delta?   Each boat flew a Florida Flag, and all the Soldiers in the Delta were on the lookout for that Flag in hopes of offloading pallets of BEER! 

Yes, perhaps the secret of zero deaths was the Moral Saving Beer? The 9th Infantry and Navy Riverine Forces thought the 231st Florida Boats were God Given Floating Beer Machines.  They would unselfishly cover/protect our cargo and Ass by air, land and sea.  ir?

Hopefully this book will be finished and published in print and digital by the end of 2023. To Pre-Order free digital copy preview.
with Subject
"Call Up The Reserves"

Preview the story on this website photos and movies
231st Army Reserves St. Pete FL (LCM Boat Unit)
Called to active duty Vietnam May 1968 - Sept. 1969





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