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James Volpone -- 38th Inf. 2nd -- Rifleman -- Captured by Chinese Reds , Feb. 12,151- AUG. 21,1953 POW''s going to Pamonjon ( Freedom Village) Korea to be released --Aug 5th to Aug. 30th 1953

James Volpone-- 5th Infantry Divsion Band ,Ft Jackson, S.C. --1948 James Volpone with the 5th Armd. Div. Band ,Camp Chaffee , Ark.1948-1950 ( more photos below text ) American Ex-POW Ceromonie -Nellis AFB,Las Vegas , Nv.1998

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Street:  1939 WINTERWOOD BLVD City & State: LAS VEGAS, NV E-Mail:  POW Volpone@AOL.COM
Zip: 89142 - 1746 Phone:  702 431-5025 Spouse: DOLORES A.
Conflict: KOREAN WAR Service Branch: ARMY Unit: 5th Arm. Div. Band / 38th Infantry ,2nd Division K. CO
Theater: Where Captured: SAEMAL , SOUTH KOREA Date Captured: 02/12/51
Camps Held In: BEAN CAMP MINING CAMP CAMP 1 -CHANGSONG , NORTH KOREA,----- (YALU RIVER) How Long Interned: 921 days
liberated / repatriated: Repatriated Date Liberated: 08/21/53 Age at Capture: 21
Military Job: 1948 -1950 Muscian/ 1950-1953 Rifleman Company: Hughus Missile and Radar Systems
Occupation after War:  Illustrator / Sign Painter / Musician

Military Bio:

Mr. Volpone served in the U.S. Army Band from Feb.12th 1948 to Feb. 12th 1950, and was discharged and later drafted into the Army in November after the Korean War started, he was sent to Korea and served with the 38th Inf. 2nd. Division as a rifleman.
James Volpone was captured by the Chinese on Feb. 12th 1951 exactly one year from his discharge from the Army. He spent 30 months as a POW in Korea,(10 months as a M.I.A.).
He was captured in the vicinity of Saemal, South Korea with another G.I. from the Tank Corp. and a South Korean soldier was sent to the Bean Camp and then on to a forced march where he escaped with two other Americans,a Sgt' Kenneth Heitkemp and another American Red Morgan. they were later recaptured and turned over to the North Koreans ,it was at this time they were interogated by the Russians ,it was said that the Russians did not participate in that war but they did ,He seen them at anti-aircfaft guns and later now it's been said that they flew the Migs that had battles with our pilots and I would like to mention a Russian gave him a towel and a bar of soap and another gave them all a can of pork and some rice. They were sent to the Mining Camp. The conditions in both camps were deplorable; there was very little food and water. Many Americans died at both camps from dysentery, Berri-berri, Starvation, cold injuries, worms, and maggots ,and lung problems with no medical attention .
Mr. Volpone was later sent North which turned out to be a Death March, They finally reached the Yalu River with his two good buddies who he knew only as Woody and Speedie who carried him most of the way as he had contacted frozen feet ,Berri- Berri , acute dysentary and pneumonia. They were later separated and he was sent to Camp 1 and they were sent to Camp 5 as the Chinese separated the blacks from the rest of them. Mr. Volpone was finally released on Aug. 21st 1953 at Pamunjon (Freedom City) and later Discharged at Valley Forge Army Hospital, Pa. Where they had learned that he came home with tuberculosis . He went home and was later married to his wife Dolores of 45 years and they now have 4 sons Michael, James Jr. Gregory & Franco & 5 grandchildren. James went to work as a Illustrator at Hughes Missile & Radar Systems in Ca. and moved to Las Vegas. He also worked as a musician playing the Night club circiut around Orange Co.area in California .He now spends his time working in his yard ,searching the internet with his computer along as creating graphics , also drawing and writing about his POW expierences in Korea . He is a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars , Disabled American Veterans , The American Legion , American Prisoner of War , 2nd. Division Association,Inc. Korean War Veterans Alliance Inc., Korean War Veterans Association Inc. , Ex-POW Asscociation Inc.,Korean War Branch
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My Message to Future Generations:

God Bless this great country of ours.
James Volpone -that is me playing the sax 19?? My mother Josephine 94 yrs old--, from Ashtabula,Ohio -- myself and my wife Dolores of 46 yrs. 1999

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