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Street:  City & State: Dunedin, FL E-Mail: 
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Conflict: Vietnam Service Branch: Unit: 231st Army Reservers (Boat Unit)
Theater: Vietnam Basic Training: Date Entered Service: 04/04/1964
Bases Stationed: Length Of Service: 1959 days
Discharged / Retired: Date Left Service: 08/15/1969 Age When Enlisted: 21
Medals Received: Vietnam Service Medal, Two Bronze Stars.
Military Job: Occupation After War: Pinellas County Schools
Primary Civilian Employer: 
Date This Site First Published: Date Last Edited: 5/15/2009

Military Bio:

Glen, (Tink) (Crazy Crosby) was a Hard Hat Diver and Deck Hand in th e 231st Army reserves. The unit was called up in May of 1968 and served 18 moths of active duty and 12 months in Vietnam. Glen was a Diver and crew member aboad a Mike Boat deep into the Mekong Delta. There main duty was delivering logistics to all the outpost on the Mekong Delta inclucing beer. He was the orginal Beer Man and one great guy.

Glen passed away Aug 2008 and will be missed by all his comrads in arms.

My Message to Future Generations:

Here's to the health Cardnal

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