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Army Dress WO Robert (Butch) Woods name on wall.

Combat Boots placed at Wall 2008 by T.J. Twitty in honor of Robert Woods

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Died in chopper crash Dec 26, 1967 in Vietnam. Butch was a graduate of the class of 1962 Boca Ceiga HS and entered the army shortly there after. Butch was a class is surely missed by his HS friends and military buddies.

Below some comments from friends.
Hi Bob

Butch Woods and I were buddies at Boca Ceiga HS and graduated in 1962. Butch was a class act and drove a new Corvette and had some REALLY NICE girlfriends.
He is alway remembered by our class at any reunion. I assumed you saw my Blog HTTP://231ST.BLOGSPOT.COM where I placed my Jungle Boots at Butch Woods name on the Wall in 2008.
I was a member of the 231st Army Reserve Med Boat Unit in St. Pete FL and we were called to active duty on May of 1968. Butch gave up his life just prior to our activation and this really got our attention. You can view our Mission in photos at http://picasaweb.google.com/tjtwitty/231stArmyTransporationVietnamPhotoAlbum#

Thanks again for the contact. Tom Twitty Editor CBV

From: robert regan [mailto:gangbuster46@hotmail.com]
Sent: Friday, March 26, 2010 11:52 PM
To: editor@combatvets.net
Subject: Butch

I was Butch Woods' room mate and Platoon Leader in Vietnam. He was killed about a week after I left. The helicopter supposedly lost power and crashed and burned while on a Fire-Fly Dong Nai recon at night and in low lying fog. The helicopters were not equipped with radar altimeters to get the exact height above the ground plus Army pilots were not trained to do autorotations in those conditions.
I understand there is a memorial site placed by the local little league where he grew up. There was no way I could attend his funeral but at some point in the future I would like to visit it.
Bob Regan

My Message to Future Generations:

You might want to stay clear of Choppers if you want to live to a ripe old age.

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