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Street:  City & State: SPOKANE, WA E-Mail:  charlizgranny@msn.com
Zip: Phone:  (509) 628-2267 (daughter) Spouse: Leonamay (Deceased)
Conflict: WW11 Service Branch: Army Air Corp Unit: 8AF 305BG 365BS
Theater: Where Captured: Karlsruhe, Germany Date Captured: 08/09/44
Camps Held In: LUFT 1 & 4 & 11A How Long Interned: 260 days
liberated / repatriated: liberated Date Liberated: 04/26/45 Age at Capture: 20
Medals Received: (Family working on information) LUFT 1 & 4 & 11A
Military Job: Army AF B17 TAIL GUNNER Company: U.S. Air Force
Occupation after War:  Warehouse Supervisor, Columbia Lighting (Spokane, WA)

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To come
LUFT 1 & 4 & 11A

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To Come

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