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Col Eberly representing Gulf War RPOWs at dedication of National POW Museum at Andersonville Return to Seymour Johnson AFB, NC, Mar. 15,1991

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Street:  205 ROGER WEBSTER City & State: WILLIAMSBURG, VA E-Mail:  dweberly@attglobal.net
Zip: 23185 Phone:  Spouse: BARBARA
Conflict: Gulf War Service Branch: Air Force Unit: 4th Fighter Wing (provisional)
Theater: Where Captured: 10 miles WSW Al Qaim, Iraq Date Captured: 01/22/91
Camps Held In: BAGHDAD (AL RASID, IRAQI INTEL HQ, ABU GHARA) 1/22/91 TO 3/5/91 How Long Interned: 42 days
liberated / repatriated: Date Liberated: 03/05/91 Age at Capture: 43
Military Job: Pilot Company:
Occupation after War: 

Military Bio:

Colonel (ret) David William Eberly was the senior-ranking allied prisoner of war in Baghdad* during the Gulf War in 1991.

An airman, he participated in the initial air strike into Iraq. On January 19, the fourth night of the campaign, he was shot down while flying an F-15E Strike Eagle and, after three nights, eventually captured on the Syrian border. He was subsequently repatriated with the other allies from five countries on March 5, 1991.

He is a native of Brazil, Indiana, and entered the Air Force upon graduation from Indiana University in 1969. After earning his pilot wings at Columbus AFB MS, he and Barbara served in 18 locations around the world. His last position was as the US Defense Representative in the American Embassy, Ottawa, Canada.

As an airman, he flew over 3400 hours with tours in fighter squadrons in the Philippines, Germany, and the United States. During Desert Shield and Desert Storm, he served as the Director of Operations for the 4th Fighter Wing (Provisional), flying the F-15E in Oman and from Saudi Arabia. His combat awards include the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Bronze Star, and the Purple Heart.

In April 1998, Colonel and Mrs Eberly represented the Gulf War POWs at the opening of the National POW Memorial in Andersonville. His book: Faith Beyond Belief is available via www.faithbeyondbelief.com
*The Gulf War POWs formed the Fifth Allied POW Squadron following the heritage of the Fourth POW Wing of the Vietnam War).

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