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Street:  1204 FLORIDA ST. City & State: PRATTVILLE, AL E-Mail:  TTott 55@aol.com
Zip: 36067 Phone:  334-358-0456 Spouse: **NONE**
Conflict: Korean Service Branch: CO D 19 REG 24 DIV Unit: 24th Div 19th Reg
Theater: ETO Where Captured: near anju ,n.k Date Captured: 11/04/50
Camps Held In: CAMP 5--TEMORAY CAMP CALLED THE VALLEY -THEN BACK TO CAMP 5 How Long Interned: 1023 days
liberated / repatriated: Repatriated Date Liberated: 8/23/53 Age at Capture: 21
Military Job: infantry-airplane mech-m/e t/r hel mech-101st,-ab Company: WALT DISNEY WORLD
Occupation after War:  Contractor-LANDSCAPER

Military Bio:

He was born on a farm in baxley GA,on 7-11-29.to a large loving family.he joined the army in 1948.he was called to fight in korea.he was captured on 11-4-50,and released in 8-24-53.he returned to winter garden fla to his family.but he remained in service for 22-1/2 yr,s.he spent 10,yr,s overseas.including 2 tour,s in viet-nam.he retired in 1971.he has one daughter s.jane adams,one grandson frank edward.who was his life.we all lived together in ala.he was loved by every one he met.we moved to geogia in 87.dad became ill in nov-88.he was in the gainesville va hosp in fla.after a sudden illness,he passed away on nov-23-88,he is buried in winter garden fla near his parent,s as he requested.with full honor,s.as should be.he was a great man.never to be forgotton.the Doctor,s at the va believe his death was caused by a disease that had laid dormant since his time as a pow in korea.

My Message to Future Generations:

He taught me moral,s and good value,s,and the true meaning of love and,family.I hope to honor my father and,all pow,s and,war veteran,s.By telling there children and,there grandchildren not to ever let them be forgotton.If we dont keep there memorie,s alive WHO WILL?They deserve our utmost respect,and loyalty.For they fought and,died for us.Not once did they forget us!They are my hero,sand they should be your,s.Be proud of them and,say thank,s befor it,s to late.They paid the ultimate price for us to be free. I as a daughter of of a POW,my dad my personal HERO.I say to them all,They will NEVER be fogotton by this daughter;because they are all apart of my family now,and i thank each and,every one of them.KOREA IS NOT FORGOTTON. Ihonor my father my hero ;MY LOSS IS OUR IS OUR LORD,S GAIN.I LOVE YOU DAD.YOUR DAUGHTER S.JANE (DORSEY)ADAMS.

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