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Jack Madlung Alexandria, LA 1944 before going overseas
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Jack Madlung Displaying his WWII Medals. These medals were presented in a special presentation by his daughter Cherie at his 80th birthday after Jack Madlung received his Purple Heart.

  Jack R. Madlung enlisted in the Army 1-14-41 and was transferred to the Army Air Corp after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. In 1944 his B17 Bomber Crew were transferred from Alexandria (LA) Army Air Field to Nuthampstead (air base) England (about 35 miles north of London).
  On their 12th mission (11-21-44) to bomb the Luena Oil Fields near Meersberg, Germany, their B17 was hit by FW 190 German Fighters. They bailed out and were captured immediately. Jack was ordered to swim across the Saale River by a large number of Gestapo. He was taken to Stalag Luft IV prison camp near Gros-Tychow in Poland (by crowded boxcars). They were kept in near starving conditions until they were evacuated 2-6-45 to escape the advancing Russians. They began a forced march (some refer to it as "Death March" because so many lives were lost because of starvation and very little medical help). They were liberated when the prison guards surrendered to U.S. troops at Halle. Jack had gone from 188 lbs. to 119 lbs. and had suffered very much at the hands of the German Army. He was wounded by flak when his plane was hit. He did not receive the Purple Heart until 50 years later because records could not be found. Friend Eugene Minchoff, Quarryville, PA who was on this mission, verified this to authorities. Gene is now the only living member of this crew.

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