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Relaxed Moment 1944

Frank A. Kravetz
Baton Rouge Nat. Convention 1998

  Frank A. Kravetz, born in North Versailles, PA 10-25-23 raised in East Pittsburg, PA. Entered the Army Air Corps on November 2nd, 1943 in Greensboro, N.C. He attended Gunnery School in Kingman, AZ, and crew training at McDill, FL. From there he was flown over the North Atlantic route overseas to be stationed at Glatton Air Base, England were he was attached to the 457th Bomb Group, 750th Squad. On a mission to Merseberg on November 2nd, 1944 his crew was attacked by enemy fighters. When we were attacked, I was wounded in both legs by shrapnel from enemy gun fire and we lost all but one engine. We kept the plane airborne long enough for us to make it to Hanover were we had to bail out from a flak attack. When we were bailing out my chute opened in the plane, when my crew members got me they dragged to the door, then folded my chute in my arms and pushed me out of the plane. Shortly after landing in a cabbage patch I was taken to a barn and was there until I was taken to a hospital in Hanover (it seems like days because of a loss of blood and shock). After an operation in my legs I was taken to Dulag Luft on Nov. 11th, 1944, then to Obermass field for more operations, skin grafts, and rehabilitation. In the middle of February I arrived in Nuremburg until April 1st when we left by foot and arrived at Mooseburg (approximately 150 kilometers) on April 15th and was liberated on April 29th.       click here to continue

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