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By H. Alan Walker

One of the best authored books from WWII we have ever read! 

   The Real life story of a young man growing up in mid America farm country, comrades in arms, combat, capture, survival, and ultimate revenge at the end of WWII and the very beginning of the cold war.  Exacting details of flying B24s to combat.  This story is written by an unsung hero H. Alan Walker and never told till now.    Alan, a young 2nd. Lt. bombardier who survived being shot down over the Balkans, survived deplorable conditions and torture with his cunningness, survived to point out his tormentors for justice.  Details never before told of a classified secrete mission before the end of the war.  This mission was to indict German War Criminals at the Balkan Front before Berlin fell.  Who was the enemy, the Germans or the Russians?   Was the U.S. Mission used to enact Russian instant revenge?  Read Walkers story and decide for yourself.

Read about General Hall's Secrete Mission and 37th birthday party with Marguerite Higgins famed War Correspondent on the Balkan Front.  Read how ruthless the Russians were to the Germans and sympathizers and how the American mission members fled in fear of their life's.

Something for everyone!
Tom Twitty
CombatVets Managing Editor 



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